ADA Automatic Door Opener & ADA Compliant Hardware

Accessibility standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA), ensures access to all people no matter their ability or disability. We have upgraded doors, door handles, entryways and automated door openers that are ADA compliant and mandatory for many public buildings to have. If you require ADA compliant hardware for your home or commercial building in South Carolina, call Palmetto Safe & Lock today.

Card Access Systems

Palmetto Safe & Lock provides card access systems that allow your home or commercial building to go on peacefully without interruption or security concerns. From systems that run with a card or key to keyless systems, we can control what cards or access codes work for specific functions. You can always grant access or revoke access when necessary.

Magnetic Locks

Palmetto Safe & Lock can provide magnetic locks for your high-end residential or commercial property. Magnetic locks can purposely fail if there is a power outage or can remain working, the choice is yours.

Panic Hardware

Panic hardware can be used as an exit device for doors when there is a fire or another emergency. This allows anyone inside of a building to exit safely. Palmetto Safe & Lock can install, repair, and replace panic hardware for any building.

Computer-Generated Master Key Systems

Computer-generated master key systems allow people to access different areas of a building through one programmed key. These are especially helpful for apartment complex owners, managers and those that need access to every room or area of a building. Master key systems can be customized and specifically tailored to your needs. For example: people who may enter or exit a building can be revoked of some access with different keys.

Door Closers

Palmetto Safe & Lock can install, repair, or replace door closers in any high-end residential or commercial property. Door closers help control who can enter/exit your property safely and securely, including residents, guests, clients, customers and employees. Door closers also prevent the door from slamming shut or staying open when it should be closed. There are many options in regards to color, size, what functions they offer and how visible or hidden they are.

Doors & Automatic Door Operators

Palmetto Safe & Lock has many options to enhance the security, safety, and durability of your door by providing automated door operators for interior/exterior doors of commercial and high-end residential properties. We can enhance your door lock systems, provide you with an automatic door opener/closer, make your door fire and damage reptant and more.

Electric Strikes

Electric strikes are special pieces of hardware that electronically signals something to open or close the doors. Palmetto Safe & Lock can install, repair and replace electric strike systems that will act as a gatekeeper for your door system. We have many different types of electric strike systems available to maintain security and a positive flow for entry/exit of any building.

Delayed Egress Systems

Palmetto Safe & Lock provides delayed egress systems for any property such as airports, memory care units and retail stores for lost prevention. Delayed egress systems are a locking system that can delay the opening or closing of a door.

Driveway Alerts

Driveway alert systems will notify you when a vehicle, an individual, or an animal crosses your driveway. Palmetto Safe & Lock can install, repair and replace driveway alert systems to enhance the security of your home or commercial property.


Palmetto Safe & Lock provides high-quality intercom services for office buildings, church offices, daycare programs and homes. There are different types of intercom systems, including video intercoms that connect to your phone, audio intercoms for homes and those office buildings that allow for safe entrance/exit and control who is in the building. Without having to leave your desk or your room, our professional, high-quality intercom systems are made with cutting edge technology and provide solutions for you that are here to make your life easier and more secure.


Palmetto Safe & Lock provides the best safe services for the best prices. From safe opening services and combination assistance to safe installation, repair or replacement. We are proud to offer safes that are specifically meant for many different types of items, and that is offered in many colors, sizes and styles. If you are locked out, our team of professional safe technicians has the required skills and knowledge to be able to get into safes without damaging the safe. 

Security Service


We offer Dahua Camera All-Star products which is an advanced security camera that can be used for both commercial and high-end residential properties. As a Dahua All-Star Partner, we offer a longer warranty of 5 years.

Commercial & high-end Residential Security Locks

Since 1999, Palmetto Safe & Lock has been providing South Carolina with professional lock and security services for both commercial and high-end residential properties. We proudly provide simple installations for locks to rekeys, repairs to physical security solutions such as cameras and access control systems or preventative maintenance and installations of new security/lock systems.

Automatic Door Opener

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